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🎉Surprise Spider Prank Box😂
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🤣This Crazy Prank Gift Box Spider is absolutely a great gift! 🎁

Perfect for Parties or Anytime! Easy to Use! Just hand the box to someone and they will naturally want to slide the top open to see what is inside. When they do, out jumps a creepy wiggly rubber spider!

Place the Scare Box on a counter or side table and let people discover it on their own. Maybe even set up your video camera to capture the moment!

✨ Get ready for some hilarious fun with this wooden box prank! Here are some fantastic features🎁:

  - 🕷️After removing the protective cover, jump into the wooden box.
  - 🦁A magical box with vivid animals inside.
  - 😂Great toys, make fun of, let others laugh.

  - 🏠It can also be decorated at home.
  - 🤣Use this trick box to fool your friends on April Fool's Day.
  - 🎁A big gift for the children.

🎁Product Description

🕷️SPIDER JUMPING OUT OF BOX: Realistic Rubber Fake Spider With Wiggly Legs and Red Eyes - This little creepy horror stuff will jump out like the scary jack in the box to touch your prank victim's fingers lightly when they can't wait to slide the top cover to open this spider prank box like a gift box. Grab your camera to capture this funny moment when they jump of the thrilling surprise.

😄HIGH QUALITY: The box is made of natural wood and the spider is made of soft rubber material

😱A handcrafted wooden box containing a "surprise" when he tried to open it. The children will be screaming with joy and maybe a little scared. Fun and easy to use. Harmless jokes can be used at parties, carnivals, Halloween, April Fools, and more.

🤣The spider is hidden in the box, and you need to open the box to trigger the trap, and the spider will jump out, giving the person holding the box a small surprise.

🎉The spider box is made of durable test tube + steel wire + soft rubber. Non-toxic, sharp and sturdy construction.

👻Includes wooden crates and rubber spiders. The spider has a simulation touch, will cause a good effect.

🎈You just hand the box to someone and they will naturally want to swipe the top to see what's inside. When they do, they jump off a scary rubber spider. Alternatively, put the scare box on the counter or service desk and let people find out for themselves. You just hand the gift box to someone and the creepy rubber spider jumps up when people open it. The spider vanity case has a wing on the top for the easiest pull.